Say Goodbye to Airborne Viruses, Bio-Aerosols, Allergens, and Odours

At Oaklands Dental, we are committed to ensuring the highest standard of disinfection and safety protocol at all times, but even more so during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

We are thrilled to tell you about our new medical-grade air filtration system, featuring the Cascade and Jade systems (six units throughout our office) from Surgically Clean Air. These high-performance filtration systems provide our staff and patients with some of the cleanest air in Victoria.  Watch this brief video to learn more!

Surgically Clean Air: Combining Clean Teeth and Comfort at the Dentist Amid COVID-19 in Victoria

Hailed as “the world’s best indoor air purifier,” integrating Surgically Clean Air’s filtration system as the final layer of our commitment to hygiene, cleaning, and prevention was a no-brainer because your whole-body health is as important to us as your oral-health routine is.

Performance and Technology: Without boring you with too much tech-talk, the Jade air purification system uses advanced six-stage air sanitization technology to sterilize and then “re-energize” indoor air with negative ions. This sanitization process removes common indoor airborne particles like viruses, bio-aerosols, dust, pollen, mould, allergens and odours. The effect? We go beyond the suggestion to keep windows open—having Surgically Clean Air’s Jade installed is even better than being outside during a breezy day here in Victoria!

Stress Relief: On top of removing viruses and bio-aerosols, the Jade line’s hospital-grade air is ideal for our patients with anxiety, asthma, autism, or any other sensory sensitivities; enjoy a soothing scent-free environment.

Healthy Mouths Smile More Often… Especially When There’s Clean Air Involved!

Dr. Girard and our talented team love nothing more than keeping your pearly whites in tip-top shape. Offering the additional safety and comfort that this air filtration system provides just adds an extra sparkle to our smiles.

Whether you’re one of our new patients, have met our team many-a-time already, or are combing through our FAQs as a potential new patient, schedule your next (or first) appointment at Oaklands Dental by reaching out today: we look forward to hearing from you!